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Enhance your hospitality business in Chicago with our comprehensive low voltage solutions. We specialize in security cameras, public address systems, wireless access points, VoIP solutions, network switches, firewalls, and structured cabling, designed to meet the unique needs of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Elevate guest satisfaction with seamless connectivity, superior security, and efficient communication systems.


Protect your guests and assets with our cutting-edge security cameras and firewalls.


Provide guests with fast, reliable Wi-Fi through our high-performance wireless access points.


Ensure announcements and music are heard clearly with our top-quality public address systems.


Improve guest service with our versatile VoIP solutions for seamless communication.

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Specialists in Hospitality Tech

Partnering with Chicago Network Solutions means choosing a leader in low voltage solutions tailored for the hospitality industry. Our deep understanding of the sector allows us to deliver solutions that not only enhance guest experiences but also streamline operations. Let us help you stay ahead of tech trends and meet the high expectations of your guests.

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